Summertime seems to bring out the athlete in us.  We start exercising and playing sports again after the long winter hibernation.

PharmaSpa can’t help you with your summer exercise routine, but PharmaSpa can provide temporary relief from the stiffness and muscle soreness you may experience!

A popular saying comes to mind “No pain, No gain!!”

Along with the sense of accomplishment of completing a good workout, you could be feeling muscle soreness, which can continue for up to 72 hours.  This can affect your daily routine. Simple things like walking up and down stairs or carrying the groceries into the house can become difficult.

Muscle soreness is something everyone can relate to.  Any change to your physical routine can trigger an onset of muscle soreness.

This is where Pharmaspa can help with products such as the Tiger Balm crystals.  With therapeutic ingredients such as Arnica, Camphor, Menthol and Aloe Vera, PharmaSpa Original Tiger Balm works where it hurts!

Add PharmaSpa Original Tiger Balm to your hot tub or your bath and immerse yourself and you will feel relief.  Imagine soaking in Original Tiger Balm infused hot water and have your muscles relax and your aches diminish!

A container of PharmaSpa Tiger Balm should always be in your bathroom cabinet.  You just never know when your muscles may need it or you may want to enjoy it!

Take a minute to check out the Original and Nature Epsom Salt fragrances offered by PharmaSpa.

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