What Are the Top Benefits and Uses of Lavender

With a unique soft and pleasant aroma – lavender is one of the most sought-after aromatic plants in the market. Thanks to its essential oil that comes directly from the distillation of the flower, you can enjoy that comforting smell in a wide array of products nowadays.

But despite being mostly aromatic, lavender still manages to offer a few health benefits thanks to its natural properties.

It is therapeutic, helps soothe skin, enhances wound healing, and even has an anti-microbial effect.

Lavender can be found in PharmaSpa’s Articul-R, Quiet Sea, and Lavandula crystals and liquids. And here we’ll let you know why it is such a great option.

1. Better Sleep Quality

Bathing with lavender oil will also improve your sleeping. Thanks to its calming and soothing benefits, you can use it as a bathing crystal or liquid to relax your mind in the process. A few drops of lavender-based liquids will be enough to get you totally relaxed and ready for a long night of dreams.

Otherwise, you can just scent your pillow or use it on a diffuser around your bedroom. It will make you sleep faster, more comfortably, and more deeply.

2. Gets Rid of Stress & Anxiety

Lavender is beneficial for relaxation and gives a soothing effect. That’s why it is such an excellent ingredient for bathing and using on a hot tub.

The soothing ability of lavender when it is inhaled relaxes you to incredible levels, so fast and so effectively that you can rid yourself of stress and anxiety.

Take a bath every day with lavender, diffuse around your house whenever you’re in, and use it as your main fragrance for everything. It will relax your stress and anxiety away.

3. Enhances Hair Growth

Despite being mostly aromatic, the nutrients in lavender oil are also helpful at enhancing hair growth. Massaging your scalp daily will help reduce the loss of hair, improve the scalp health, and grow healthier strands over time.

While not necessarily the best treatment for alopecia in any of its forms, it is a pretty healthy and side-effect free alternative. And it will make you smell a lot better.

4. Heals Wound Faster

It may seem far-fetched, but it is true. Lavender actually has wound-healing properties that speed up the tissue repair process.

By applying a few drops of lavender oil on a small wound, you can receive an exponential improvement in healing speed. It won’t do miracles or save you from infection, but it can contract the skin and make it heal up faster than usual.

The same happens when you apply lavender creams and liquids on places with sunburn. Even taking a bath on water sprayed with lavender crystals can ease up the pain and help sunburn heal faster. Thanks to its powerful therapeutic properties, it is an excellent skin-healing product to consider.

5. Treats Bacteria, Microbes & Parasites

While not exactly a skin cleaner that will get rid of infections and viruses, lavender still works as anti-microbial oil.

In fact, it is so effective that you can use it to treat lice and similar infestations problems. When combined with other essential oils, it can produce a protective effect that cleanses and removes infestations from hair, beds, and other surfaces.

But its real advantage comes from its century-old known benefits that treat bacterial and fungal infections. Here, again, you can combine it with other essential oils and improve its benefits exponentially.

Just apply some of it on the surface that’s affected, and it will help cleanse and get rid of any potential danger.

6. Relieves Premenstrual Tension

Also known as PMT, it often happens in women who are within their child-bearing years. It can cause awful symptoms; going from moodiness to anxiety, to more physical effects like bloating and pain in the pelvic area.

Luckily, lavender essential oil can be used as an aromatherapy ingredient which can alleviate many of these symptoms.

Use PharmaSpa’s Lavandula crystals and liquids in your hot tub or bath before taking a soak. It may relax your body and temporarily ease the awful premenstrual tension.

7. Reduces Pain

The natural calming properties of lavender also offer analgesic & anti-inflammatory advantages. And this can be super helpful for people who suffer from conditions like arthritis, cramping, back pain, and even pelvic soreness.

Using it as the main ingredient in aromatherapy, lavender can relieve pain in different parts of the body. Applying the essential oil or liquid in the affected region can also reduce the pain scale exponentially.

And when it is used for a massage therapy as oil or liquid, then it works even better. Just a few drops are enough to relieve pain in affected areas going from the toes to the neck.

8. Relieves Migraine & Headaches

Nothing worse than getting a migraine every day – it debilitates, takes away motivation, and brings down your mood a lot.

Luckily, lavender is so beneficial at soothing stress, anxiety, and relieving common pains that you can also use it for migraines and feel extended relief.

You can rub it around your head as a liquid, or simply inhale it from a diffuser. Even staying on a bathtub filled with lavender crystals for several minutes can free you off annoying head conditions.


Enjoying lavender is not only about its pleasant aroma, but also about the vast array of health benefits it offers.

You can find lavender in PharmaSpa’s Articul-R, Quiet Sea, and Lavandula crystals and liquids. So don’t hesitate and get one of these today!

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